The College of Scribes is a service organisation within the SCA Kingdom of Lochac which performs several functions. Its primary responsibilities are:

*to support and encourage research, teaching and practice of the mediaeval scribal arts
*to produce Award scrolls for the people of the Kingdom
*to recruit and train scribes
*to facilitate production of other documents such as charters, fealties, and credentials

The College serves by creating award scrolls to commemorate the achievements and honours of the populace. In order to receive a scroll you must be currently active in the Society, and have your name and device registered with the College of Heralds. Scrolls are provided for:

Awards of Arms
Grants of Arms
Patents of Arms, including Royal Patents
Scrolls are not provided for other awards such as court Baronies or Kingdom service and arts awards. Documents such as charters, promissories, fealties, etc are not provided directly by the College, but by private arrangements with individual scribes.

For many years the College has enjoyed an excellent reputation for the quality of its scribal work, among the very finest in the world in terms of both authenticity and artistry. The College is dedicated to maintaining and improving upon that reputation, and the standard of scribal arts in Lochac. Scrolls are based on manuscripts and documents from pre-1600 CE.

For more information and enquiries, please contact Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra (mka Holly Taylor), Provost of the Lochac College of Scribes at

While many artisans have patron saints, scribes are the only ones to have a patron demon, Titivillus. See for his history.

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