Gouache is the paint that the College of Scribes uses, and Windsor and Newton (W&N)is the preferred brand.

The college recommends starting out with these colours first:

Flame Red Perm 1 Series 1

Permanent Rose Perm A Series 3

Permanent Alizarin Crimson Perm A Series 3

Ultramarine Blue Perm A Series 1

Cadmium Yellow Perm A Series 4

Permanent Green Middle Perm A Series 2

Permanent White Perm A Series 1

Lamp Black Perm AA Series 1 Gold Perm A Series 3

Add later

Cadmium Red (pale)

Cadmium Yellow (pale)

W&N Gold Ink (a good substitute for shell gold)


Windsor Green

Burnt Umber




Suggested items include : *Pencil (soft 2B)
*Eraser white plastic
*Ruler with a metal edge and with metric and imperial divisions
*Compass/coins/template/something for drawing circles
*Paper (various types)
Ink: Calli, Rotring or Sumi
*Dr Martin’s Bleed-proof white (This is basically white gouache with plaster added and is very similar to period gesso. It is used for fine detail white work. Slightly thinned it works like white ink in a dip pen. It doesn’t soak up the underlying colours thus keeping the white bright and crisp. It also can be blended. Not essential but a handy item.)
*Brushes: Small are good. The more 0’s the better! It is up to you whether you choose or can afford real or synthetic bristles.
*Many scribes use a soft flat cloth or folded paper to cover areas of their work while in progress to prevent oils from skin being transferred.
* Cups or dishes to hold rinse water and working water. Coffee cups are not recommended as it is too easy to accidentally grab the wrong cup or mug and end up drinking your rinse water!

* Water: Distilled, filtered but not regular tap water is recommended as tap water often contains high concentrations of mineral salts some of which are acidic.
*Folders: Something in which to carry and protect projects, another folder for display or reference
* Wipes Paper towel for cleaning up spills, brushes etc.

*Dishes, palette, painting tray, shells etc to hold your gouache

More information can be found in the Lochac Scribes Handbook https://scribes.lochac.sca.org/handbook/Lochac%20College%20of%20Scribes%20Handbook%202012.pdf

Your Warden or scribal group may be able to advise you the best local places to find supplies. Buying online may also be an option. (See below.)

AoA scrolls will be supplied by your Warden or Provost. If you would like paper to practice on or for original scrolls, we recommend choosing a good quality paper over 180 gsm.

Gouache, brushes, erasers, palettes etc are available from Eckersleys https://www.eckersleys.com.au/

Pergamenta 230gsm in cream or white can be purchased from-

Port Art supplies – 83 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide SA 5015 Ph: (08) 8241 0059. Fax: (08) 8241 0058.

email: sales@portartsupplies.com.au website: http://www.portartsupplies.com.au/

Will’s Quills specialise in Chinese and Western calligraphy supplies including seal stone carving and nibs. https://willsquills.com.au/ email sales@willsquills.com.au or call +61 411 722373