Please talk to your Warden or Provost if you would like to create an original AoA scroll.

Some possible AoA scroll wordings –

Unto all and singular to whom such presents shall hitherto have come do X by right of arms King of Lochac and Y by grace & beauty Queen of Lochac give greeting.

Know ye in consideration of the service given unto Our Realm We do of Out especial grace and certain knowledge bestow upon X an Award of Arms with certain ensigns armorial to wit – (blazon) with all rights, privileges, insignia and precedence appertaining thereto as fully and freely as any person hitherto hath done the same in accordance with the Laws of Arms and the Statutes and Customs of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Done at our Kingdom this XX day of XX AS(date in Roman numerals)

In witness whereof We set our Hand and Seal.

Space (Rex) Space (Regina) (or other chosen Title)

The College of Heralds finding no impediment to the Arms here blazoned acknowledges their exclusive assignment unto XX 

Let it be known that We Name by right of Arms King of Lochac and Name by grace and beauty, Queen of Lochac, give greetings.
We are honoured to recognize (Recipients name) for the service and skills that they have brought to Our realm. We confirm to them the right to bear the following arms to wit; (enter exactly the blazon on the registered arms.)
Done by Our Hand and Seal this (day) of (month) AS (Roman numerals).
Space and suitable titles ie King/Rex etc Queen/Regina etc

More wordings can be found in the Lochac Scribes Handbook at

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