This is the job description for the role:

Required in: Kingdom only. Appointed by Kingdom Seneschal in consultation with the Crown

Role: Promotion and facilitation of scribal arts in Lochac and communication with the scribal community. Management and delegation of award scroll production, management of the scribal database, scribal handbook, Provost handbook, blog and photo gallery. Liaison with group Scribal Wardens, provision and/or distribution of supplies (such as seals) and scrolls/blanks. Approval of award scrolls (designs and finished pieces). Liaison with Crown to arrange creation and supply of AoA promissory writs. Liaison with Scribal Ministers in other Kingdoms to facilitate awards to ex-pats etc. Liaison with members of the populace in relation to queries and requests. Liaison with Verger (Web minister) relating to web and technical side of database.

Workload: Variable. Two year term. Monthly Kingdom meeting. Will be contacted by Wardens and scribes whenever they have queries or want documents checked. Seals and writs need to be designed and created in the lead up to every Coronation.

Reporting Channel:

  • Quarterly reports to Crown and Kingdom Seneschal
  • Knowne World Scroll Production reporting


  • Good organizational and planning skills
  • Scribal experience
  • Must be warranted in calligraphy and illumination, should have a good ‘eye’ for scripts and styles so that they are capable of approving original works.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good delegation skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Some technical skills such as updating database, Microsoft Word etc.
  • Internet connection and responsive email access vital.


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