Original scrolls should be based on extant manuscript examples, and text and imagery should reflect the example used. Obviously modern imagery should be avoided. If you are unsure, please seek guidance from your Warden or Provost.

Remember to leave room for signatures and Kingdom and College seals.

Suggested wording for GoAs with admission into an Order

“Hear ye now all who have come before Us, (Name) King of Lochac and (Name) Queen of Lochac, having certain knowledge and especial grace, acknowledge the high achievement, chivalry and service to Our Kingdom of Our subject (recipient’s name) With admittance to Our Order of (select one from: White Scarf, Lochac Company of Archers, Cockatrice, Red Wyvern or Silver Pegasus) and further confer a Grant of Arms and do hereby affirm ensigns armorial to wit: (registered blazon) Done by Our hand and seal this (date) day of (month) AS (enter Society) year.

(leave space for signatures, titles and seals)

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