Being a Warranted Scribe simply means that you are approved to work on official Kingdom Award scrolls. To become warranted, you need to submit examples of your scribal work to your local Warden or the Provost of Scribes. Provost will assess your work and make sure that it is of a basic standard to work on scrolls. You may apply for warranting in illumination, calligraphy, or both. It is up to the individual scribe to decide what they feel comfortable with.

It is recommended that you practice and gain skills before applying for warranting. Take the opportunity to attend any classes or workshops available, and practice at home. When you think your work is of an acceptable standard, you can email digital images to your Warden or Provost for assessment.

Once you are warranted, you have the opportunity to work on scrolls. New scribes usually work on Award of Arms scrolls. Talk to your Warden or Provost about what you would like to do, and don’t forget to keep practicing!

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