Wardens report to Provost about progress of award scrolls, scribal workshops and events in their area, problems or issues, scribal assignments that have been given out and award scrolls that have been presented. Quarterly reports are due on 15 February, 15 May, 15 August and 15 November, but wardens are always free (and encouraged!) to contact Provost at any time to discuss things.

Scribal assignments are assigned to warranted scribes who wish to create scrolls. They are usually assigned by your local scribal Warden, or sometimes by the Provost. Usually an assignment sheet is provided to give you all the details you need to complete the scroll, but you should always double check the details with the Lochac Roll of Arms https://lochac.sca.org/LRoA/index.php?page=Names   and Lochac Canon Lore https://lochac.sca.org/canon/person.php?show=index

Wardens play an important role in guiding local scribes and helping to ensure that appropriate quality standards are adhered to in award scroll creation. Most Baronies with active Scribes will have a Warden. Sometimes Wards are grouped together temporarily under a single Warden for a whole region/several Baronies (such as the Northern Reaches Warden).

Some scribes do only calligraphy, some do only illumination, and some do both. Usually the completed work is returned to your warden. The Provost will assess the scroll for approval and arrange sealing and signing by Royalty.

Job Description for Warden of the College of Scribes


The role of the Warden is to encourage the scribal arts in their local area and to co-ordinate scribes and assignments as given out by the Provost of the College of Scribes.

The tenure for a Warden of the College of Scribes is two years plus any additional. This can be extended in consultation with the Provost of Scribes.


Calligraphy and illumination skills, good interpersonal and time management skills.

Membership on the Scribes Blog and Facebook pages.


A Warden is often assigned a number of scroll assignments by the Provost of Scribes. The Provost assigns an appropriate number and type of scroll to a Warden based on consultation with the Warden to ensure that the scrolls being allocated are appropriate in number and skill level for the scribes. It is the Wardens job to then allocate those assignments to scribes that are willing and able to undertake the work of creating or completing those scrolls.

It is a Warden’s job to encourage the scribal arts in their local area. This can be done through running classes, initiating competitions, running scribal workshops and and helping scribes to develop their skills.

A Warden is also encouraged to either complete or find another scribe to complete any Fealty scrolls that need to be given to the King and Queen by their local Barons or other officers. If a local Baron and Baroness or the King and Queen assign their own scribe from an area then this duty devolves onto that person unless the Warden is asked to continue to help in this capacity.

A Warden is also requested to complete or help to encourage other scribes to complete any scribal works that are requested by the local Barons. In addition it is their job to make sure that there are scribes available at any local Kingdom event in case the King or Queen has need of their services.

Most Wardens conduct regular Calligraphy and Illumination meetings on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

It is also expected that Wardens will occasionally run extra Calligraphy and Illumination days, classes or events and that they will occasionally become involved in Kingdom projects other than the completion of scrolls.

Reporting Channel:

The Scribal Wardens are required to report to the Kingdom Of Lochac Provost of Scribes quarterly on the 15th of February, May, August and November.

Wards and Wardens

Barony of Aneala (Perth), Canton of Abertridwr, Shire of Boesenburg, Dragon’s Bay,College of Saint Basil the Great: Warden Mistress Leonie de Grey

Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland), Canton of Cluain: Warden Master Svartr

Barony of Innilgard  (SA & NT), College of Blessed Herman the Cripple: Warden Mistress Fionn O’ Mara

Barony of Krae Glas (SE Melbourne), College of Saint Monica (Monash University): Warden Sir Jon Dai of the Lane

Barony of Mordenvale (Newcastle), College of Saint Crispin: no active warden so currently served by Warden Lady Dominika

Barony of Politarchopolis (Canberra), College of Saint Andronicus, College of Saint Aldhelm: Acting Warden Mistress Rowan Peregrynne

Barony of Riverhaven (North & Western Brisbane), Canton of Draks Fjord: No active warden so currently served by Northern Reaches Warden THL Kamara Skleraina

Barony of Rowany  (Metropolitan Sydney and Western Country NSW), Canton of Stowe on the Wowld, Shire of Dismal Fogs, Shire of Adora (Illawarra), College of Saint Ursula: Warden Mistress Katherine Rischer

Barony of St Florian de la Riviere (Brisbane South and Redland Shire Council): currently no Warden so served by Northern Reaches Warden THL Kamara Skleraina

Barony of Southron Gaard – (Christchurch): Warden THL Violette Vasari

Barony of Stormhold, (Inner and west of Melbourne), College of Saint Bartholomew, Canton of Cairn Fell (Ballarat): currently no Warden

Barony of Ynys Fawr (Tasmania), College of Saint Gildas the Wise: Warden Lord Richard of Dunheved

Canton of Okewaite (Southern Highlands and Goublbourn): Underwarden Master Christoval

Canton of Stegby (Warwick): Underwarden THL Gabriella Borromei

Shire of Darton (Wellington): Acting Underwarden Master Zane Bruce

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