Scribal assignments are assigned to warranted scribes who wish to create scrolls. They are usually assigned by your local scribal Warden, or sometimes by the Provost. Usually an assignment sheet is provided to give you all the details you need to complete the scroll. Some scribes do only calligraphy, some do only illumination, and some do both. Usually the completed work is returned to your warden. The Provost will assess the scroll for approval and arrange sealing and signing by Royalty.
Talk to your warden or Provost if you are unsure about anything.

If you wish, write your SCA name and group on the back of the scroll lightly in lead pencil and record whether you did calligraphy, illumination or both.

Scroll Timings
When scrolls are assigned they are not assigned indefinitely. Pre-printed Award of Arms and Grant of Arms scrolls must be completed within six months. Original Scrolls (e.g. for Peerages) must be completed within 1 year. If a scroll goes over this time an extension must be negotiated with the Provost of Scribes. This extension is not automatic and if the Provost of Scribes does not feel that it is warranted it will not be given.

Basic information on whether a scroll has been assigned is recorded on the Scribes database. A scroll is listed as ‘assigned’ when the work has been started. (Often the database is not updated to show ‘complete’ until the scroll is presented so that it is a surprise for the recipient.) If more than one scribe works on a piece, this can affect the time that it takes to complete the scroll.
When a scroll has been presented, the piece is often displayed on the scribes Flikr page.
Scribes Database:
Scribes Flikr page:

Scroll Approval
It is important that scrolls are done in period manner. You should research what script, decorative style, motifs, inks/paints etc. are appropriate for the style of manuscript, time period and region. Calligraphy and illumination must be of high quality. Scrolls can be personalised but must stay true to the original inspiration piece. If they are not accurate, scrolls may not be approved and will need to be re-done.