The Golden Poyntel is a Kingdom level award given out by the Crown. The token is a golden-coloured copy of the Scribes’s seal that is used on the Lochac AoA Writs.
The Order of the Golden Poyntel may be bestowed upon those the Crown finds deserving of honour, for achievement and or service in the the Scribal Arts for the Lochac College of Scribes. The Order confers an Award of Arms to the bearer, if they are not already armigerous.
This award was established after TH Lady Katherne Rischer, in her final act as Provost of Scribes, petitioned Niall II and Liadan II at Rowany Yule AS 49 to create it to honour the unique and tireless function that many scribes of Lochac fulfil. At Twelfth Night AS 49, Niall II and Liadan II proclaimed the award into Kingdom Law.

Image from: Photo credit: Baroness Ginevra Lucia Namoraza, January 2015.


The Scribes’ Service Medallion is a silver-coloured copy of the Scribes’ seal that is used on the Lochac AoA Writs and has been given out to many scribes at the Provost’s discretion throughout the Kingdom as recognition for significant and consistent service to the College.

The following members of the populace have been recipients of such recognition:

( @ 2/12/20)

Alicia the Pastry Chef

Arlette Mortimer

Branwen of Werchesvorde

Brian dorcha ua Conaill

Caristiona nic Beathain

Catherine d’Arc

Celestra Ashwood

Constanzia Moralez y de Xamora

Dragana Rosza

Faelan mac Flainn

Federyc de Herle

Giles de Roet

Helen Hartshorne

Kamara Skleraina

Katerina de Brescia

Katherine Alicia of Sarum

Katherne Rischer

Katrijin van Delden

Keridwen the Mouse

Liadan verch Lochac

Leonie de Grey

Lyssa Trygvrrsdottir

Madelaine de Bourgogne

Madoc ap Gryffith

Maeve ni Iasachta

Maragerete Engelhardts

Muirghein ni Ghrainne

Phedre de Caravalle

Riona of Caerleon

Rowan Peregrynne

Symonne de la Croix

Svartr Ormsson

Tailltiu Ghoirt Rhuaidh

Tamsyn Northover

Tatiiana Kalinin

Lochac Scribes’ Service Medallion (Photo Credit: H.Taylor)